The Perfect One

Everything just stood still and our eyes met the moment she walked into the room. She could have been in a more crowded room and I would have noticed her miles away, she was absolutely stunning. She gave me a gentle smile; one that lasted half a second but will stay in my heart forever. I looked for her everywhere and asked everyone in the place if they knew her or had seen her, but within every “No, I don’t know who you are referring to” or “No, never heard of her”, I grew doubt, I thought maybe I had gone mad. Hours passed and still no sign of her. I became desperate and anxious, I walked all over and around the room that security started questioning my intentions. A few times, the father f the groom, my friend of twenty years, came to check on me, making sure I was all right. He knew how happy I was he was getting married but not too thrilled about whom he was getting married to.

I started walking away from the only place that connected me to her. I was scared; I knew I was never going to see her again within every step I took. But I convinced myself it wouldn’t be worth it. I convinced myself that going back was a big mistake, yes, she might show up again, but what do I know about this woman? She was beautiful, nothing like I’ve ever seen before, she was the most gentle look and warming smile, I felt like I could stare at for the rest of my life, but who could assure me that she would be interested? That she was available? Maybe I was drunk, how could anything be true? I was hallucinating. But what if she was real? If I went back, I could keep looking for her, even if I asked every single person in the wedding or for a guest list and their plus ones? I kept walking, and I must admit, I did almost go back a couple times, I ever started walking back for about five minutes.

I got to my destination; got on the bus and back home. Never looked back again. I regret every step I took since she came in side that room…


Flores Flores



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