El Me Levantara (He Will Pick Me Up)

I don’t know where to begin but one thing I am sure about is how difficult it’s going to be to word these feelings out. I’ve slacked off, I’ve betrayed you, but the most messed up part is I haven’t talked to you in years even after knowing I was wrong. I don’t deserve to even say your name, I don’t deserve to even have the chance to say this to you. This could have all been avoided and now this is time we are never getting back. Years after years I had been astonished by the stories, by every single sign you gave to me, to everyone. I never doubted who you were and what we had, I knew it all. So what was stopping me? I am an idiot, I am an idiot with no idea about where to go and let alone how to get there. I have been able to go through the most craziest years of my life yet I couldn’t go through one simple task. I had it in the palm of my hands and I let it slip. I knew it right after I did it and I let all this time go by because of my pride, because of my pride I’ve pulled myself away, I’ve made myself believe that you were being unfair. I can’t believe that you are listening to this right now, if I was you, I’d walk away, never open this door anymore. But I am not you, you are amazing, you are the opposite of what I am and everyone else claims to be. You are beyond everything I even think about you. There’s no one out there like you and even though we walk around with a smile, we always feel the emptiness when the fun runs out. You don’t need me, you don’t need anybody because even if we turned into dust you’ll still be you. You’re filled with possibilities, mysterious possibilities but it’s not in my place to question you, you’ve never let me down so I will trust you until that day. So today, I say I am ready to take that step forward and give everything that is holding me back from you up for you, and take every selfish thought and never let it fill my mind. To give up my life to walk in your steps and do what you intended me to do. But if you know me any better you know I will fall and if I know you any better I know you will pick me up.

Flores Flores


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