Though I thought I knew you, you are full of surprises. Every time I look back at you it’s like the first time I see you. You’re amazing, you’re far beyond the usual, that gives me the chills. I’ve never loved this hard, such an unknown feeling I don’t think it’s love. You give me this crazy feeling like I’ve known you before yet I don’t believe in reincarnation. How is this so? Such a beautiful being will only exist one time. I don’t believe in luck, but I’m such a terrible person I know damn well I don’t deserve you. So why did God take his time to create you for me? So what else could be the reason? You look at me with those mysterious eyes, I wonder what you’re thinking. I want to intrude your thoughts, I want to know what makes you laugh I want makes you want to punch the wall, what causes you to be so passionate. But I can’t, and it kills me, when will this end? This is too good to be true. A person like me could never find love like this. This isn’t love, this is beyond love. You have become a whole other definition of something deeper than what I’ve ever experienced. You’re ma combination of love and beauty, the perfect combination for a far from perfect being.

Flores Flores


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