You held me in your arms and rocked me until I fell asleep. Looked me in the eyes and said I was beautiful, you said you couldn’t believe how beautiful I was. You sang songs to me and played your guitar, you gave me kisses and heard me cry when I first fell off my bike. You drove me to school, read bedtime stories and told me about when you were a kid, I share those with everyone. You got upset when my brother and I fought, loved me through my terrible teenage mood swings and hugged me when I graduated from high school, you looked so proud. You were the first one I told about my first day on college and you couldn’t look any happier you’d think it was your story. You watched me grow now I’m watching you. I can’t stop crying, I look at you and I see how life is slowly getting to you. I can’t believe how beautiful you are. I caress your face just like you did to me when I was a baby, I tell you about my goals and you smile back at me and tell me how you can’t wait to see me there. I know I’ve never truly appreciated you, I know that I should have done things differently. We are running out of time and I just want you to stop where you are I want you to just stay with me forever I want time to stand still. Just wait for me please, please wait for me!


Flores Flores


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