Broken Not Heartless

Heartless? Definitely not. My heart was full of soul before you changed. You honestly believed that everything would stay the same after all you lies? You’ve got to be joking, of course I’m heart broken, wouldn’t you be? You walk around not giving a damn about all the time invested meanwhile I sit at home wondering what to do to make you feel… Feel? I did feel. Now I’m numb from all the punches you’ve thrown and all the stabbing you’ve done. I’m numb from all the lies you’ve told and the reality check on me. How are you judge me when you gave up on this a long time ago now you realized that I’m drifting apart and you’ve never been able to find the trust for anyone else. I don’t care how much you’re hurting, I ignored my hurting for you, as soon as I walk out your life you won’t know I exist anymore. You’ve had it both ways for too long. Goodbye, don’t grab me, this is what you should have done before it got this far, now look at you, your fake tears, you don’t care about anyone but yourself, you’ve proven it, you’re heartless.

Flores Flores


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