A Funny Thing Called Destiny

It’s insane how life goes, one day you have everything figured out and the other everything is falling into pieces right in front of your face. You walk around with a smile on your face then you cry yourself to sleep because everything was a disgusting lie. You pit your hopes and dreams in love then you forget what love even means. One thing that will never change though is you. I look at you and see the same happy spirit I saw the first time I saw you. We laughed, we cried, we lived but most importantly we loved. The se passion for life got us through the deepest darkest places we’ve ever got caught slipping on and we were there guiding each other through that tunnel with only one lighter to share. Oh it was dark, it was embarrassing and it was the lowest, but you never held it against me, you never judged me. Now we wonder whether it was worth it, every single step of the way has gotten difficult at times, could we have done it any different? Our answer is no; even though the hurting almost forced us to give up, we always helped each other up every time we fell, I guess that’s why destiny led us to each other.

Flores Flores


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