Don’t look into my eyes, what you’ll find might scare you off. You will fall into a hole so deep you will lose your sanity. My soul? Shattered, I’m not sure I can trust I ever had it. I am in a beautiful place right now, I want it all to myself. I don’t need anyone to suck the life out of this place. I sound selfish, I know, but am I really? All I’m doing is protecting you, saving you from the disappointment. Why are you still here? You’ve honestly got to go. The place is deserted, nowhere to hide. You’ve been here long enough to understand it all started as a dream, a sick fantasy where we both hoped the illusion lasted more than today. It’s all done, all over. Don’t look at me like that, I am not who you think I am. I’ve been pretending, I’ve been lying to you, I’ve build a wall to keep you away because I’m a coward, I’m not as tough as I pretend to be. Please leave, run like hell, you don’t need this. You’re still here, You’re still here and I guess I secretly hoped you stayed, I secretly hoped you would do exactly everything you’ve done, you’re perfect. I don’t deserve you. I touch your face and wipe your tears and I feel the electricity, it rushes through my veins. I turned my back many times and I always felt you eyes in the back of my head, you never left me. you hold me so close to me, so tight. I hear your heartbeat, and I feel your soul within every kiss you plant, every look you give me, every touch I feel, I feel. you’ve given life to this place and I can feel.

Flores Flores


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